Arteaga Victorious In Budo Fights Main Event


Technically solid jiu-jitsu, perfect timing, and a veteran’s poise, helped Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho’s Freddy Arteaga pick up the victory last Saturday evening in the main event at Budo Fights 12: Domination in Bend, Oregon. Taking on Alex Corrales on two weeks notice, Freddy overcame a slow start and some compromising positions in round 1, before coming back and picking up the TKO victory in round 2.

Corrales opened the fight moving well on his feet and using his kicks to keep Arteaga moving backwards, he then quickly closed the distance, putting Arteaga against the cage and securing a double leg takedown. Using an open guard, Freddy was able to kick Corrales off and return to standing. However, Corrales quickly repeated his strategy and grounded Arteaga again, this time securing the back with both hooks. Corrales pursued the finish, alternating between a rear naked choke, ground and pound, and in the closing seconds of the first. transitioned to an armbar. Fortunately, Arteaga’s defense held strong, as he  was able to remain safe and survive until round two.

Round two began with Arteaga being much more aggressive on the feet, coming hard with punching combinations that forced Corrales to quickly close the distance and secure a takedown. From there, the tide changed quickly as Arteaga landed a solid punch from his closed guard that stunned Corrales, causing him to fall backwards. Arteaga immediately sat up into top position and blasted him with several hard left hooks that had the referee rushing to stop the fight.

Awesome fight by both competitors, and a huge congratultions to Freddy for immerging victorious!!!

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