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WHAT IS Our GROWING GORILLAS, Kids MArtial Arts Program:

Growing Gorillas – Straight Blast Gym’s kids’ martial arts curriculum – combines the discipline of martial arts training with personal development and monthly Life Skills teaching. Growing Gorillas is all about growing stronger, healthier, happier children. Kids of all ages and abilities at SBG become independent thinkers and compassionate leaders while learning to navigate all of life’s challenges. Growing Gorillas students are separated into four different age groups to accommodate the ever-changing educational needs of your growing child.

  • Micro Monkeys (3-4 years)
  • Spider Monkeys (5-6 years)
  • Chimpanzees (7-9 years)
  • Juniors (10-12 years)

The Growing Gorillas Life Skills homework takes the discipline and respect from their martial arts training and builds those skills into a child’s life at school and in the home. All age groups learn BJJ and complete the life skills homework in a way that is conducive to their age level. Growing Gorillas will teach your child:

  • How to be confident, assertive, and bully-proof
  • How to set goals and follow through with them
  • How to approach obstacles with a positive attitude and a growth mindset
  • Practical self-defense skills that can be applied to real life situations
  • How to make physical activity a lifestyle, through a fun, consistent, year-round athletics program

For training you will need:

BJJ Belt
Water Bottle

Before training, remove all jewelry and be sure reasonable levels of personal hygiene are practiced (ie bathing, brushing teeth, trimming finger/toenails). Wash your uniform and shower as soon as possible after training.


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Improve Health
Gain Strength
Meet New People
Gain New Skills
New Challenges