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Straight Blast Gym offers world class training in self-defense, combat athletics, and fitness, as well as incredible opportunities for physical, mental, and emotional growth! At SBG we believe this type of training should be available for EVERYONE – 45 year-old professors, 53 year-old attorneys, 22 year-old MMA fighters, all men, women, and children.

The best training, offered to the largest, most diverse group of individuals, requires the best training methods. SBG President, Matt Thornton, is considered one of the finest minds in martial arts. He and the other senior coaches at SBG, have spent a lifetime researching, implementing, and refining the cutting edge epistemology utilized by your coaches at SBG Idaho!

SBG has over 50 thriving locations, all over the world, on every continent (except Antarctica)! From the USA and Canada to Europe, Asia, and Africa – SBG is known all across the globe for it’s incredible, innovative, and inclusive approach to martial arts training!

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