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SBG Fitness training sessions are fun, varied, and challenging workouts that will help you achieve the fitness and looks that you want! Expect to build lean muscle, burn fat, improve your endurance, flexibility and balance. Our workout programs incorporating plyometrics, moderate free-weights, Suples®, and TRX® Training Systems. Our coaches work tirelessly to design training that is beneficial to all fitness levels while remaining fun, dynamic, and evolving. Simply put – you’ll get results!

For more information on Suples® and TRX® Training Systems check out,

For training you will need:

Boxing Gloves

(must be at least 16oz in order to participate in sparring)


Watch our tutorial on our SBG Idaho Members Group Facebook page on how to wrap your hands

Shorts or Leggings

Without loops, buttons, or other sharp material

T-shirt or Rashguard

(required for sparring)

Groin Protection

(required for sparring)

Before training, remove all jewelry and be sure reasonable levels of personal hygiene are practiced (ie bathing, brushing teeth, trimming finger/toenails). Wash your uniform and shower as soon as possible after training.

YOUR Fitness Coaches

Picture of coach Holly Lewis
Picture of coach Jessica Segali
SBG Coach picture - Jess Brock
Improve Health
Gain Strength
Meet New People
Gain New Skills
New Challenges