Ransom Drops Close Title Bout Decision

Jordan “El Gato” Ransom came up just short in his bid for the Real MMA Lightweight Belt this past Friday, June 19th, at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Taking on a tough Kaine Marzola, Ransom scrapped tooth and nail for 5 rounds. The two combatants put on a great show, with both completely exhausted at the end of the 15 minute encounter.

Marzola was the aggressor early on, backing Ransom up with power punches and using a strong sprawl to keep the bout upright when Ransom responded with takedown attempts. After a brief pause in the action to repair a cage pad, Ransom began to assert himself, using quick, straight punches and leg kicks to slow Marzola down and finish the round strong. Rounds 2 and 3 saw Ransom put his grappling skills to use, executing a single leg to side control in the 2nd and a butterfly sweep to back control in the 3rd . Each time, Marzola was able to power his way out of danger and gain top position himself. The final two rounds followed a similar pattern, with Ransom landing the better shots standing before Marzola was able to close the distance and clinch. From the clinch, Ransom attempted to do damage with knees while Marzola looked for bodylocks and trips. Unfortunately, Marzola proved to be just a little stronger down the stretch, gaining takedowns and top position several times in the 4th and 5th rounds and avoiding Ransom’s submission attempts, to earn the judges nod.

Great fight by both men! Keep your head up Jordan, we’re extremely proud of you!

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