CF/SBG Idaho Go 3-1 At The Clash

Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho athletes had another impressive showing this past Saturday at the Clash MMA 15 in Logan, Utah. Our athletes went 3-1 on the night against quality competition. Results are as follows-

Matt Nader (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over Justus Minardi via split decision. Nader started the fight strong, using a push kick to knock Minardi on his backside. As Minardi regained his feet, Nader quickly transitioned to a takedown and went to work landing punishing ground and pound, visibly damaging Minardi’s left eye. For the remainder of the round it was all Nader, as he maintained top control while continuing to score with punches. Round 2 saw Nader land a strong right hand early before again transitioning to a takedown and full mount, where he was able to land more damaging punches. Minardi proved resilient however, as he was able to transition back to full guard, and used a kimura to sweep back to the neutral position. From there he quickly transitioned to a double leg of his own, putting Nader down hard on the canvas near his own corner. Nader was able to quickly transition to an armbar from his back, however, and had Minardi’s arm in jeopardy as the bell sounded. Round 3 again saw Nader gain a quick takedown, but just as quickly, Minardi again locked up a kimura from his guard. As Minardi cranked hard on the hold, Nader was forced to roll to his back and concede the sweep. Minardi quickly gained back control and spent the remainder of the round alternating between choke attempts and ground and pound. In the end, Nader’s strong work over the first half of the fight was enough to secure a victory in his MMA debut!


Stephen Stirewalt (CF/SBG Idaho) lost via unanimous decision to Fortino Mendez. This bout was contested primarily on the feet, with Stirewalt utilizing a varied attack, mixing punches and kicks to the legs, body, and head, while Mendez countered with heavy power punches. In each round, however, Mendez was able to land opportunistic takedowns and land enough scoring blows from top position to ultimately swing the rounds in his favor. Overall, a very competitive and technical fight. Great job Stephen!


Elmar Umarov (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over Andrew Heaton via KO, Round 2. After a brief feeling out process, Umarov struck quickly for a takedown, where he found himself defending submissions in Heaton’s active guard. A brief scramble brought both fighters to their feet. An exchange of takedowns followed, with Umarov narrowly missing a mounted armbar as the round expired. Round 2 saw Umarov begin to open up with the striking more, stepping in with hard punches behind a diverse arsenal of kicks. A trip from the clinch saw Heaton stumble backwards into the cage, where Umarov stunned him with a strong right hand. More hard punches followed, turning Heaton’s lights out and leaving him slumped at the bottom of the cage. Viscious KO for Umarov!


Matt Jones (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over Anthony Miller via submission (triangle choke), Round 1. After an early striking exchange, Miller caught a Jones kick, putting him quickly to the mat. Jones immediately went to work with his strong, technical guard, controlling Miller’s arms and posture, while transitioning to a tight triangle. Unable to secure the choke initially, Jones swept to mount and attacked with punches and elbows before tightening the choke and rolling to his back to secure the tap. Overall, a fantastic display of BJJ!


Congrats once again to all of our athletes on their fantastic performances, and a special thanks to all of our trainers and training partners for all of their tireless work in preparing these guys to be at their best!!!


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