Brock Receives Brown Belt At SBG Fall Camp


Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho coach, Jesse Brock, was awarded his BJJ brown belt this past weekend from SBG President, Matt Thornton, at their annual Fall Camp held in West Seattle. Brock along with SBG Alabama coach, Chris Conolley and SBG Montana coach, Kisa Davison, took part in the long standing SBG Ironman tradition, which clocked in at just under two hours and consisted of nearly 70 students. Coach Conolley earned his blackbelt and coach Davision her purple. Conolley is now the 14th blackbelt under Coach Thornton.

The Fall Camp itself, was a fantastic event, covering not only outstanding BJJ material, but striking, clinch work, and takedowns – presented as only the outstanding coaches of SBG can. We are looking forward to Spring Camp 2016 in Athens, Georgia!

Congratulations to Coach Brock, but this is just a small part of many great things to come for our school and the entire SBG family worldwide!!!

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