VanHoose Comes Up Short in Split Decision



Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho professional strawweight, Shino VanHoose (4-5), came up on the wrong end of a split decision against Jenny Silverio at Real Fighting Championships 36, two weeks ago in Tampa, Florida.

Round 1 saw VanHoose catch a Silverio kick and deposit her to the canvas. From there she quickly transitioned to mount, where she delivered strong ground strikes, causing Silverio to roll hard to her belly, sweeping to top position. During the transition, VanHoose locked in an armbar. For the remainder of the round VanHoose maintained control of the arm, nearly extending it several times. Silverio was reduced to throwing knees to the exposed thighs and hamstrings of VanHoose as she was unable to free her arm from the position. Round 2 began with VanHoose using long straight punches and body kicks to keep the shorter Silverio at bay. Eventually Silverio was able to close the distance, pinning VanHoose along the fence. For the remainder of the round the two engaged in close range clinch fighting- exchanging knees, elbows, punches, with a standing guillotine choke by VanHoose countered with a late takedown by Silverio. The final round again saw VanHoose using her range to land clean strikes to the head and body before Silverio closed distance and clinched. An attempted hip throw by Silverio was countered by VanHoose, who secured back control as they hit the ground. With her arm caught at an awkward angle on impact, Vanhoose was swept back to bottom where she again caught Silverio in another deep armbar. The remainder of the fight played out much like the first round, with VanHoose threatening to extend the trapped limb while Silverio landed ineffective knees to the legs of VanHoose.

In the end it was not enough to sway the judges however, as they seemed to place great scoring value in time spent in top position as opposed to real, threatening technique and clean striking. Chin up Shino, we are incredibly proud of you and know undoubtedly, along with many others in attendance, who the more skilled fighter was that night!!!

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