Nader Drops Tuff N Uff Bout


Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho amateur flyweight (125 lb), Matthew Nader, suffered his first setback in the cage this past weekend at Tuff N Uff: Mayhem in Mesquite 8, from the Casa Blanca resort & Casino in Mesquite, Nevada.

Matched up with talented prospect, Keith Lee, Nader came out of the gates hard, throwing a strong flurry of punches and kicks before closing the distance quickly. Driving Lee into the fence, Nader secured the hips and lifted Lee high in the air with a powerful double leg before slamming him to the mat. Lee stood quickly and Nader jumped to take the back, but missed with his hooks and fell over the top. However, he immediately began finishing for an armbar in transition. But Lee defended well, keeping Nader stacked, while protecting the arm and scoring with ground strikes. Nader eventually abandoned the arm and regained his guard. Lee was able to pass guard and mount before Nader regained half guard and escaped to his feet. Driving hard to the clinch, Nader was met by a hard knee to the body from Lee that seemed to stun him, as he released his underhook and turned away. Lee immediately jumped on Nader’s back, securing both hooks and the fight ending rear naked choke.

Overall, it was a very exciting fight, and one Matt will learn a great deal from. We’re proud of you Matt! Just a few small adjustments and the outcome would be much different!

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