Thometz Receives Black Belt


As Chis Haueter is fond of saying, “In Jiu-Jitsu, it’s not who’s first, it’s who’s left”.

Well after 12 years of training, our own Scott Thometz, is still left and now has the rank of blackbelt!!!

At SBG Spring Camp in Athens, Georgia in front of nearly 130 fellow tribe members, Scott went through a 60 person, 1 hour 40 min Ironman before SBG President, Matt Thornton, tied the blackbelt around his waist! Also receiving their blackbelts that night were, Gus Nolte from SBG Montana and John Murphy from SBG East Coast.

We are so incredibly proud of Scott and thankful to have him as our coach. This is only just the beginning for our gym as well. The bar has been set and there are many more to come!!!

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