SBG Idaho Picks Up 2 Wins At FSF 9


Boise, ID (8/12/16) Combat Fitness/SBG Idaho athletes took part in five of the eight bouts at Front Street Fights 9 at CenturyLink Arena in downtown Boise, Idaho. Results are as follows.


Chase Peel (CF/SBG Idaho) defeated Paul Crawford via Triangle Choke at  1:46 of Round 2. The first round started off slow as both competitors were throwing single shots to find their range, Crawford hit a single leg takedown that Peel used a smart, active guard to work his way back to his feet. Crawford hit another takedown shortly after in which Peel immediately used a double ankle sweep attempt to get to his feet and hit a takedown of his own. After fighting off a guillotine attempt from Crawford, Peel spent the remaining 20 seconds of the round in top position. The second round started with a big spinning backfist from Peel leading into a takedown of Crawford up against the cage. Peel landed some ground and pound as Crawford worked his way back to his feet. Crawford lifted Peel for a big takedown in which Peel immediately controlled Crawford’s bicep and wrist to set up the triangle choke finish at 1:46.


Robert Peel (CF/SBG Idaho) lost to Michael Garcia via Unanimous Decision. (30-27 x 3). The fight started with Garcia using strikes to set up a takedown attempt and clinch against the cage very early on. Peel did a good job of  pummeling and fighting to reverse the position against the cage. After a separation, Garcia again uses his strikes to set up a big takedown. Peel continued to do a good job pummeling and fighting for position against the cage, but Garcia’s relentless pressure led to a takedown and top position for the remaining seconds of the round. The second round was much of the same as Garcia used his strikes to open clinch opportunities and pressuring to secure the takedown and the top position. Peel showed great composure weathering the storm and looking for the opportunity to get back to his feet. The third continued with Garcia in top position and Peel trying to adjust his hips to create opportunities leading to a close Kimura attempt halfway through the round. But in the end, Garcia’s relentless pressure and top control led to a unanimous decision victory.


Stephen Stirewalt (CF/SBG Idaho) lost to Dominic Pierson via Unanimous Decision. (29-28, 30-27 x2). Stirewalt came out immediately looking to set the tone with a leg kick and jabs. Both men exchange and Pierson is warned for an illegal knee to the head that started a mouse above Stirewalt’s right eye. Stirewalt pulled guard off of a clinch and immediately adjusted his hips to look for an early triangle choke attempt that was shrugged off. Stirewalt used an underhook to stand up and get back to his feet. The round continued with both men exchanging punches and kicks. Stirewalt started the second round a bit more measured with his strikes. Landing them and shooting for a takedown attempt that Pierson used a strong under hook to turn over for the top position. Stirewalt gave up his back but stayed calm and composed in a bad spot, waited for an opportunity to turn into Pierson’s guard, establish good base and posture to land hard strikes on his grounded opponent. Round 3 had both men exchanging, Stirewalt landing a little more technically and clean and Pierson landing a few with power. Alway through the round Stirewalt caught a kick and uses it to take Pierson’s back, dragging him to the ground and sinking in a Rear Naked Choke. Unfortunately, Stirewalt was a little too high on the back and Pierson managed to slipp out the back door. Pierson landed some ground and pound from top, but Stirewalt kept calm and worked his way back to standing. The final 20 seconds of the fight ended with both men trading strikes and Pierson landing a little more frequently. An outstanding fight and a great showing by both competitors!


Matt Jones (CF/SBG Idaho) defeats Kerry Lattimer via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27 x2). Jones used superior conditioning and grappling control to defeat the resilient veteran, Lattimer. Lattimer came out bull rushing Jones, but Jones used effective clinch work to reverse Lattimer against the cage and take him down early in the opening frame. Lattimer fought through submission attempts for a majority of the round, but found a way to end up on top as the round ended. Round 2 was much of the same. Lattimer attempted takedowns, but Jones strength and skill in the clinch allowed him to get Lattimer down to the ground, where he secured his back and went to work on a rear naked choke. An attempted armbar while Lattimer stacked into a tripod, landed Jones in guard, where he stayed for the remainder of the round. Round 3 saw Jones begin to open up with his strikes, tagging Lattimer with punches and kicks. Jones fought off takedown attempts from Lattimer before using a nice backstep counter to take his back, flatten him out and rain punches. The fight ends with Lattimer fighting off the relentless back attacks of the winner, Matt Jones.

Thometz FSF

Scott Thometz (CF/SBG Idaho) was defeated by David Castillo via TKO at 2:25 of Round 4. Round one saw a majority of the action standing with Thometz landing solid punches and hard kicks to the legs and body. Round 2 starts with more of the same with Castillo defending an early takedown from Thometz. Thometz uses a shot to set up a body lock to drag Castillo to the ground and control him against the cage.  After a bit of control, both men break back to their feet  and exchange. The action was pretty even with Thometz landing some good straight lefts, before Castillo’s left hand opened a cut above Thometz’s right eye. Round 3 saw Castillo landing hard body shots to Thometz and controlling the bleeding Thometz against the cage. A left to the liver dropped Thometz to the canvas, Thometz recovers to half guard and uses it to reverse position, taking Castillo down from his knees. the round ends with both men exchanging punches from their knees. Thometz started round 4 with a takedown on Castillo that the Utah native pops up from, a knee and a left to Thometz’s already damaged body drop him against the cage. Castillo lets Thometz up and immediately targets the body again. Thometz does everything he can to try and stay in the fight, however, the punishment he had taken is too much for referee Rulon Day, who called the fight at 2:25 of Round 4.

As always, we are incredibly proud of every athlete of our that enters the cage to test themselves. The results are not indicative of the heart, skill, and sportsmanship that are a trademark of our competing athletes and we look forward to seeing the growth that comes from this event. Special thank you to all the coaches and training partners for their help in preparation!!!

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