Arteaga Comes Up Short At Combate 14





May 5, 2017 SBG Idaho Coach, Freddy Arteaga, came up short in his matchup against Heinrich Wassmer at Combate Americas 14, at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, California. Wassmer utilized an active kicking game early, to keep Arteaga at range. Wassmer threw kicks to the legs and head of Arteaga, in particular the left calf, when he moved into range. Several of the calf kicks seem to have injured Arteaga’s leg. Wassmer is able to secure a takedown against the cage as Arteaga closes distance. Arteaga is quick back to his feet, but gets taken down again against the cage. Wassmer secures back control, and begins to hunt for the rear naked choke, but Arteaga defends successfully until the bell.

Round 2 begins with Arteaga coming out aggressively, backing Wassmer up with hard combinations. Wassmer is able to gain another takedown as Arteaga closes the distance. Wassmer again is able to secure the back and hunt for submissions while peppering with strikes. Arteaga defends well and eventually reverses the position, securing top control and a kimura lock. Wassmer is able to defend the hold and in transition Arteaga locks in a guillotine that he uses to sweep to the mount position. Wassmer is again able to defend the hold and reverses the position into Arteaga’s closed guard where he is forced to defend a triangle attempt, before landing some ground and pound of his own.

Round 3 follows a similar pattern, with Arteaga coming out aggressively, landing hard shots that back Wassmer up to the cage. Wassmer is able to land a takedown but Arteaga stands and land a big uppercut against the cage, before taking Wassmer down. The two flyweights exchange on the ground before Wassmer is able to regain his feet and secure another takedown. Arteaga is aggressive from his back, but unable to secure a submission. Wassmer is awarded a unanimous decision from the judges.

As always, we are incredibly proud of our coaches that lead from the front put it on the line in competition! Coach Freddy displayed great skill and courage in this fight and will certainly learn from this experience and come out a better martial artist for it!!!

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