First SBG Idaho Gear Exchange Set For June 24


Noticing a little more room in your gi due to the hard work you’ve been putting in? Has your child shot up three sizes in two months? Are you looking to add boxing or Muay Thai to your routine, but the cost of equipment is a little bit more than your budget allows? The SBG Idaho Gear Depot ( is a great resource to sell old gear you may have outgrown or outlasted, or find deals from other members looking to free up some space. To kick off the group and help raise money for the Gorilla Booster Club of Idaho, we will be hosting a Gear Exchange Saturday, June 24 from 9am-2pm at SBG Idaho!

Let us sell your used gear for the price you determine, and in return we just ask for 10% of the selling price to be donated to the GBC of Idaho! This is a great opportunity for members to sell old gear to help buy that new Fuji SBG Superlite Gi or for other members to get gear for a great deal. In addition to used goods we will be heavily discounting discontinued new merchandise as well! If you have any questions, or would like to know how you can sell your gear talk to a front desk worker at the gym or contact us on Facebook. See you all on the 24th!

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