SBG Idaho Athletes Dominate At UCF 20.

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SBG Idaho MMA athletes had an outstanding night, Friday, June 30 in Hailey, Idaho for UCF 20- winning both fights by submission!
First, the debuting David Akers showcased his superior grappling against a tough, more experienced opponent. His opponent rushed him with punches early in the fight, causing David to clinch and secure a takedown at the base of the cage. From there he passed to side control, then mount, before his opponent hit a hard bridge and reversed to top position. David immediately locked up a triangle choke that gave way to a belly down armbar as time expired. In round 2, Akers quickly gained a takedown and established mount. From there he went to work with strikes until his opponent gave up his back and left his neck open for the fight-ending rear naked choke finish!
In the evening’s main event title fight, Kyle Frost quickly ducked under his opponent’s opening right hand for a takedown that was defended. Frost persisted, however, securing a body lock takedown and mount. As his opponent hit a hard bridge to escape, he left his arm exposed, and Frost quickly snatched it up for the armbar finish only 27 seconds into the fight! The win bring’s Kyle’s record to 3-0 with a total of 2:17 of time spent in the cage!
This event was met with many last minute changes that forced several of our athletes off of the card and some with last minute opponent changes. The readiness and professionalism shown by even our amateur athletes not only show in their results, but the demand to have them featured in MMA event throughout the region. Congrats to Kyle and David, and we look forward to the next time you both compete!
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