GBC Idaho Chipotle Fundraiser!!!


Sunday, October 15th, SBG Idaho and Chipotle will be holding a fundraiser for the Gorilla Booster Club of Idaho!

The Gorilla Booster Club of Idaho is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, with the goal of helping individuals grow physically, mentally, and emotionally through competitive endeavors. Our athletes here at SBG Idaho travel far and wide to test themselves in BJJ, boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. Funds raised help cover costs such as hotels, gas/travel, and entry fees, which can add up and make competition a very real financial burden. By presenting a flyer or photo of the flyer in this post, between 4pm and 8pm, 50% of the proceeds from your meal will go to help raise funds for SBG Idaho adult and Growing Gorilla youth competitors. This is a great way to refuel after a weekend of knowledge and training at SBG’s Fall Camp here in Boise, and also support your Tribe!!!

We hope to see lots of hungry individuals on Sunday, October 15!!!


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