Stephen Whittier Seminar Set for January 13-14!!!


Black Belt Stephen Whittier from SBG East Coast will be visiting SBG Idaho for a two day seminar January 13 and 14! Stephen Whittier is the head coach at SBG East Coast. He holds a black belt in BJJ (under Roberto Maia) and the honorary title of Kru in Muay Thai. He is also a black belt in Jeet Kune Do, Shotokan Karate and a second degree black belt in Filipino Kali/Eskrima. Essentially, he is someone who has gone to near unparalleled lengths to acquire knowledge and expertise in mixed martial arts. When I say ‘mixed martial arts’, we mean this in the truest possible sense; he has not just studied an abridged version of modern MMA, but searched far and wide, training and competing in a huge range of combat sports, evolving from traditional arts to Muay Thai, boxing, and BJJ, in an attempt to find those that are truly functional and applicable. Stephen has coached and trained with elite fighters in Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA, including some UFC household names. But his coaching style is not solely for the elite. Stephen is also the developer of programs concentrating on coaching students over 40 in BJJ. The ability to both train some of the best fighters in the world, and adjust his coaching to make his techniques applicable to beginners and older athletes, demonstrates not just an unparalleled knowledge, but also an ability to teach students that is second to none.

 Each Section will run from 10am-3pm with an hour break for lunch at noon. Saturday’s will focus on striking and Sunday will focus on BJJ. The cost of the Seminar is $80 for both days or $50 for just one day! This is a great opportunity for any student to improve their game no matter what their martial arts focus is!

Sign ups will be available at the front desk or at We look forward to having Coach Whittier back in Boise, and look forward to seeing you all January 13-14!


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