Hernandez Takes Home Mountain Force MMA Gold!!!

SBG Idaho athlete Stephanie Hernandez, earned her first MMA championship title this past weekend, earning the women’s amateur straw-weight title at Mountain Force MMA in Logan, Utah!

Hernandez, a BJJ purple belt, was dominant in all phases of the fight against her opponent, Brittany Guillemin. She controlled the distance with superior movement and kicks to the legs and body, the exchanges with tighter boxing, and the clinches with superior positioning. Guillemin was able to land a strong spinning backfist in the opening round that clipped Hernandez. However, Hernandez quickly recovered, and secured a takedown at the base of the cage before the end of the round. In round 2, Hernandez resumed her attack on the feet before clinching and scoring a takedown. From there Hernandez quickly moved to the back with both hooks, alternating between strikes and rear naked choke attempts. Guillemin did her best to break free, but Hernandez was too dominant. Anytime she started to lose control, Hernandez turned Guillemin to her belly before re-securing her hooks and resuming her attack. Round 3 began with Hernandez looking fresh and lose, controlling the tempo of the fight with her superior footwork and striking. A brief clinch saw Hernandez land a hard right hand on the exit, and then immediately secure another takedown. Again, she quickly moved to the back, before sinking in a deep rear naked choke and forcing Guillemin to submit!

Congratulations Stephanie on your best performance to date! Thanks to all the coaches and training partners that helped her prepare! We can’t wait to see what’s next for this dedicated martial artist and athlete!!!


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