Timmons Picks Up TKO Victory!!!

Saturday, June 9, SBG Idaho athlete, Riley Timmons, picked up the first stoppage victory of her young career! At the FCFF’s Rumble at the Roseland 98, Timmons (2-1) took on Paige Andreasen (1-1) in a women’s lightweight bout. The fight began with both women meeting at the center of the cage where they began immediately exchanging punches. Andreasen attempted to clinch and Timmons fired punches over the top before breaking away. Timmons began using more footwork, moving in and out of range, while mixing in shots to the body. Andreasen maintained a high guard and marched forward in search of the clinch. Each time Andreasen was able to secure the position she began throwing knees to the body. Timmons responded with hard punches over the top and knees of her own. The action continued this way until the round ended.

Round 2 continued in a similar fashion, but this time Timmons was the one initiating the clinch. From here she immediately tripped Andreasen to the ground near the base of the cage. Andreasen secured half guard, but Timmons maintained good top pressure before transitioning to mount. From there it was all academic, as Timmons was able to slide her mount high before flurrying with hard punches and forcing the referee to step in! Congrats Riley on a fantastic performance!!


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