Hollier Victorious at MTF 3!!!

June 23, 2018 Logan, UT SBG Idaho athlete Benjamin Hollier (3-1 MMA, 1-0 MTF) earned a hard-fought split decision victory over David Maggio at Mountain Force MMA 3!

The bout was contested primarily in the clinch and on the ground over the course of three closely contested rounds. Round 1 began with Hollier circling the outside and using fakes to keep Maggio guessing. A Hollier shot attempt was defended by Maggio, but Hollier transitioned to the clinch and secured a body lock against the cage. Hollier used the clinch to transition back to a single where he was able to circle Maggio off the cage and bring him down to the ground. Maggio reacted well however, jumping to guard on his way to the ground, and securing a triangle. The choke was locked in, but Hollier managed to find relief by stacking Maggio against the cage. Maggio attempted to circle away from the bottom, searching for a better choking angle. Hollier showed great awareness, however, circling with Maggio to keep him pinned against the base of the cage. Eventually the choke loosened and Hollier was able to free his neck but was immediately forced to defend an omoplata and then a kneebar, as Maggio transitioned nicely between attacks. Hollier defended and was able to finish the round landing a few strikes from the top position as the horn sounded.

Round 2 began with Hollier being more aggressive, using kicks to the lead leg and body of the southpaw, Maggio. This allowed him to close the distance much more successfully and secure a strong double leg into side control. Maggio immediately regained his guard and began attacking from his back. Hollier showed better awareness and was able to defend Maggio’s submission attempts before executing a skillful pass into side control. From there Hollier transitioned to mount and then back control as Maggio turned to his belly. The round ended with Hollier landing strong punches from back mount.

Round 3 saw Hollier again circling the outside and using feints to create an opening for himself. Both men were visibly tired from the lengthy grappling battle. Hollier got in deep on a head outside single, but Maggio defended well, and they ended up clinched along the cage again. Hollier once more transitioned to a single to bring Maggio towards the center, but Maggio was able to sneak his arm under Hollier’s neck, before attacking with a standing guillotine. Hollier again defended the choke well, circling free before driving Maggio back into the cage and bringing him down to the ground. The round ended with Hollier passing to side control and Maggio countering with a reverse triangle attempt.

It was a very close fight between two evenly matched athletes, and in the end Hollier was awarded the split decision victory due to his superior aggression and top control. Congrats to Ben on a hard fought victory and for gaining more valuable experience in the cage!!!


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