Arteaga Dominant Over Ducote at Bellator 202

July 13, 2018 Thackerville, Oklahoma SBG Idaho’s Veta Arteaga picked up the biggest win of her professional career last month at Bellator 202, when she dominated two-time former title contender, Emily Ducote!

Arteaga began the fight strong, taking the center and pressuring Ducote to the fence with some hard shots. Ducote circles away, but Veta stays in pursuit. After a few more exchanges, Ducote attempts a takedown. Arteaga manages to stay upright and uses the cage to turn and separate, before resuming her forward pressure. Another Ducote takedown lands a short time later and in the scramble she is able to secure Arteaga’s back. Arteaga quickly reverses the position and successfully defends Ducote’s quick armbar attempt. Arteaga lands a few hard shots from top before Ducote manages to return to her feet. Arteaga goes back to work, pressuring Ducote backwards with punches and kicks. Both fighters are landing their share of shots in the exchanges, but Arteaga’s are noticeably stronger and more damaging. As the round nears its close, Ducote lands another takedown and quickly takes Arteaga’s back again in the scramble. Ducote locks in a tight rear naked choke, but the round ends before she can secure the submission.

Round 2 begins much the same as the first, with Arteaga pressuring forward behind her striking and Ducote looking to secure a takedown. Ducote executes a nice duck under to a double leg near the fence, taking Arteaga’s back in the process. As in the first round, Arteaga immediately reverses to top and goes to work landing vicious ground and pound with Ducote pinned at the base of the cage. The remaining 3:30 of the round see Arteaga landing hard punches, elbows, and knees to Ducote, who manages just enough activity to survive the onslaught.

Round 3 sees Arteaga again come straight across the cage, pressuring Ducote with hard punches and kicks. Ducote briefly gets Arteaga down against the fence, but Arteaga quickly stands and reverses position before slamming Ducote to the ground with a double leg of her own. More hard ground and pound land for Arteaga, but this time Ducote manages to return to her feet before sustaining too much damage. A hard right hand from Ducote draws blood from Arteaga’s left eye, and Arteaga nods in approval. The remaining two minutes of the fight see both athletes landing strong punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, with Arteaga landing the noticeably harder blows.

Overall, it was a fantastic performance from both athletes, and an exciting display of well rounded mixed martial arts skill! All three judges scored the fight 30-27 in favor of Arteaga! Awesome performance Veta, we are all so proud of your effort and dedication! Special thanks to all the coaches and training partners that dedicated their time in preparation for that night!!!

If you missed the fight the first time, relive the action below!

Bellator 202, July 13, 2018, Winstar Resort & Casino, Thackerville, OK

Veta Arteaga (SBG Idaho) vs Emily Ducote 

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