SBG Idaho Claims Team Gold at Grappling Industries Boise!!!


SBG Idaho grapplers had a fantastic showing earlier this month at Grappling Industries Boise, taking home the Best Overall Academy award, from a field of nearly 200 competitors from all across the Pacific Northwest. Coaches Brad Bentley and Freddy Arteaga even stepped up as the only Valley Black Belts to compete in the event, engaging in an exciting, competitive best-of-three series!
While we are very proud of the team result, we are even more proud of each and every one of our competitors who showed up ready to test their skills on the competition mats! Everyone, from the Growing Gorillas to our the Black Belts, led from the front and helped ensure the local grappling scene was well supported. Your dedication is appreciated not only by us, but all Idaho grapplers looking for local opportunities to compete. Everyone of our competitors showed great technical skill, determination, and a smart, thoughtful approach to their matches. We also want to thank our coaches for sacrificing a large part of their Saturday to support all of our competitors. Your dedication to our students is a testament to what separates SBG Idaho from the rest, and continues to make it the best martial arts gym in the Treasure Valley!
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