Timmons Dominant At KOTC, Picks Up TKO Victory

SBG Idaho athlete, Riley Timmons, picked up the third victory of her young career with a first round TKO over Ramona Esparza, this past Friday, September 28, at King of the Cage: Full Speed. Timmons (3-1 MMA) quickly took the center and backed Esparza up to the cage behind a hard jab, cross. From there Timmons moved immediately to the clinch where she began landing strong knees to Esparza’s body. When Esparza began to defend her midsection, Timmons threw short uppercuts with her free hand before returning to the knees. Timmons briefly threatened a single leg before securing a body lock and bringing Esparza down in the center of the cage. Esparza was able to secure halfguard and Timmons postured up to throw strikes before passing to mount. More hard strikes followed and Esparza was forced to give up her back. Timmons hunted for a choke for a bit before turning Esparza back down to her belly. More hard punches followed and the referee was forced to step in. 

Congratulations on a great performance Riley! We look forward to watching you continue to grow as a martial artist and athlete!!!

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