SBG Idaho Turns in Strong Performance at MTF Kickboxing

SBG Idaho athletes, Robbie Newman, Jake Posey, and Santiago Moreno, notched several solid performances at Mountain Force Kickboxing’s inaugural event on Saturday, November 3. The trio went 2-1 on the night at the Cache County Event Center in Logan, Utah. Results are as follows-

Robbie Newman (SBG Idaho) lost to Elliot McDaniel via TKO, Round 2.

The two southpaws start the action quickly, with Newman looking to be elusive on the outside, while McDaniel comes straight forward in a more traditional Muay Thai stance. Hard punches from McDaniel land, forcing Newman back. Newman recovers well and is able to offer some counter fire. More exchanges occur, with McDaniel landing the more damaging blows. McDaniel is the slightly larger, more aggressive fighter, and is getting the better of the exchanges. Newman does well when he commits to his offense, but McDaniel remains the aggressor throughout the round. Round two begins much the same as round one, with McDaniel coming forward aggressively, and Newman struggling to fight back and hold his ground. During one particular exchange, the two fighters clinch, and Newman’s legs immediately appear shaky, causing him to trip. The referee restarts the action, and Newman is still unsteady. McDaniel charges forward and Newman is down. He pops back up quickly, and the referee takes a closer look. Newman is still on wobbly legs, and the referee is forced to halt the bout. It is unclear if Newman was struck in the back of the head during the exchange that led to the clinch, but with his equilibrium compromised, it was apparent he was no longer able to fight. We are proud of you Robbie! You took on a tough opponent in your first bout and hung tough as long as you could!


Jake Posey (SBG Idaho) winner over Collin Teague via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

The taller Posey begins the fight using his jab and low kick to control the range. Teague steps into range behind some hard punches. Posey secures the clinch and punishes Teague with several hard knees to the body before the referee separates them. This pattern continues for a bit until Posey starts finding a home for his right uppercut on the shorter Teague. Several hard uppercuts land for Posey near the end of the round. Posey starts the second round using his length to greater effect, timing his straight kick to the body as Teague loads up his right hand. Posey is also landing more low kicks to Teague’s left thigh. When Teague is successful in closing the distance, Posey punishes him with more knees in close quaters. Round three follows a nearly identical pattern, and Posey picks up the dominant UD in his debut fight! Congratulations Jake, great performance!!!




Santiago Moreno (SBG Idaho) winner over Andrew Dean via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Santiago takes the center quickly, pumping his jab behind a high guard. Dean moves back, firing kicks to keep his distance. Moreno moves in but Dean clinches and they exchange knees until the referee separates them. This pattern repeats for the rest of the round, as Dean does well keeping Moreno at bay with kicks and clinching when he commits forward, making it difficult for Moreno to land any significant punches. Round two begins with Moreno using more feints to throw off the timing of Dean’s kicks. Solid jabs and crosses begin to land for Moreno and he is able to close the distance to attack the body of Dean with vicious hooks to the liver. Dean is beginning to tire quickly as the round comes to a close. More feints and half jabs from Moreno to start round three. Dean is tired and can’t keep Moreno out of punching range. Moreno is piling up the punches, but Dean remains standing through the final bell. Congrats Santiago, after six years away from the ring, you still looked great!!!


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