Hollier Picks Up Armbar Finish at MTF 12!!!

SBG Idaho MMA athlete, Ben Hollier, picked up the second professional victory of his young career last month at Mountain Force MMA 12 at the Eccles Ice Arena in Logan, Utah. Hollier (2-0 MMA, 2-0 MTF) was victorious via second round armbar over Zachariah Thorne (0-1 MMA, 0-1 MTF).

Hollier established control of the center of the cage and closed distance quickly behind his punches, dropping levels and securing a double leg against the cage. Thorne utilized an aggressive closed guard to lock in an armbar, forcing Hollier to lift and slam his way free. More jockeying for position from both men led to another armbar attempt for Thorne and another slam escape for Hollier. The ensuing scramble saw both men in a leg entanglement, with Hollier pinned on bottom as the round expired.

Round 2 saw Hollier use his right high kick on the southpaw Thorne to disguise another level change and quick double against the cage. This time Hollier managed to pass guard while finishing his takedown. Thorne did well to recompose his closed guard but Hollier began doing a much better job of controlling the hips and posturing for brutal punches and elbows from top. Thorne was forced to open his guard to avoid damage, allowing Hollier to pass to side control then north-south. As Thorne attempted to roll away to his belly, Hollier was able to secure the arm and step over into a beautiful armbar. Thorne made several attempts to free himself, but was ultimately forced to submit. Congrats Ben on another dominant victory!

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