Coach Frankl Returns to Boise!

Q: What is the best BJJ advice for brand new students?
A: “I get this question a lot. The best advice I can give is this: Trust the technique. Even when it doesn’t work. Real BJJ works, period. But that doesn’t mean it works for YOU on the FIRST try. Think of the best 15,000 dollar bike or 2,500 dollar surf board. They are awesome, but you will still have to fall off of them hundreds (or thousands) of times before they work for you. But the problem is not the vehicle; it is your lack of skill/practice. Believe in the vehicle. Get back on every time you fall off. And everything will work out.” – John Frankl
SBG Blackbelt, John Frankl, returns to Boise for what is sure to be another game-changing jiu-jitsu seminar on June 5-6! Coach Frankl is the head instructor at John Frankl Jiu-Jitsu/SBG Korea, and the man credited with bringing Jiu-Jitsu to South Korea! Don’t miss another opportunity to learn from one of the most intelligent and innovative jiu-jitsu minds out there!
Times are 10am-1pm both Saturday and Sunday. Cost in $80 for all SBGers and $105 for non-tribe members.
Come see what all the fuss is about with the godfather of Korean BJJ!!!

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