Training martial arts has numerous benefits – improved mental and physical strength, increased health and happiness, and the ability to adapt and problem solve. Through consistent training, all students experience tremendous growth in many of these areas. Competition is often a logical next step for many and your coaches at SBG Idaho encourage this and want to prepare all prospective competitors as much as possible.

In that effort we are presenting a FREE Competitors’ Clinic this Saturday from 10am-noon. This is open to all prospective or current competitors in BJJ, boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA. This roundtable-style discussion will feature coaches across all disciplines and will cover-

-When to start competing

-Training expectations

-Strength and conditioning

-Proper nutrition/making weight

-Strategy and tactics

-Mindset and the mental game

-Proper equipment

Whether you desire to compete because you are a former athlete in search of a new competitive outlet, want to pressure test your training, or are in need of a catalyst for increased accountability and discipline, this event is for you! Come join us Saturday morning and set yourself up for success!!!

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