Gorilla Cup Series⁣

King & Queen of the Mat Submission Only tournament.⁣
SBG adults and children invited to compete!⁣

Are you seeing all those Grappling Industries medals and wishing you would have competed for yours? Want to see how you measure up with other folks in your belt class? Maybe you want your coaches to notice how much your jiu jitsu has grown so you can earn that next stripe on your belt. Whether you’re into it for the fundraising opportunity, to show your kids and significant other what you’ve been obsessing about, or to push yourself outside your comfort zone, SBG’s Gorilla Cup Series has something to offer you!⁣

Join us Saturday, February 26, 2022 from 10:00 to finish for this Submission Only FUNDRAISER with CASH PRIZES!⁣

When: Saturday 2/26/2022⁣
Time: 10:00 – to finish⁣
Where: SBG-Idaho⁣
-Adults on the big mat⁣
-Kids on the small mat⁣
What: No-Gi Submission Only for Adults, No-gi scored matches for the kids⁣
Who: Any adult CAP member – all belt levels, any youth Leadership or Submission Samurai student – all belt levels⁣
Cost: $30.00⁣
Why: Support the Gorilla Booster Club which helps Youth and Adult athletes compete!⁣
**We need 50 adult participants to sign up for this event to happen. Don’t wait to register!!**⁣

The format is simple:⁣
-Adult athletes are categorized by belts and gender, youth athletes by belt and weight⁣
-There will be male and female categories for adults: Beginner. Intermediate. Advanced.⁣
-No weight classes for adults⁣
-No points for adults⁣
-Submission only for adults⁣
-3 minute rounds for adults, 4 min matches for kids⁣

Prize money for adults only. Each winner gets 40% of the collective entry fee in their respective division.⁣

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