In our efforts to continue making the people of Idaho stronger, confident, and more resilient – SBG Idaho is offering an 8 Week Introduction to Martial Arts & Self Defense Workshop to the women of our community!

Classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 5-6pm beginning Monday, January 9 through Wednesday, March 8. The cost is $45/week or one payment of $280. Contact us at 208-935-6264 or info@sbgidaho.com and one of our helpful front desk associates will get you enrolled and ready to go!

Led by SBG Idaho Coach, newly-minted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, and professional mixed martial artist, Stephanie Hernandez, this 8 week training course will cover all phases of a fight – striking, clinch, and ground. Students will come away with a solid foundation of BJJ, Muay Thai, and boxing, as well as their practical application in a self-defense situation.

Come join us for a fun 8 weeks of martial arts introduction and leave with the confidence to set boundaries, and the skill to defend yourself and your loved ones! 

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