In our mission to continue providing world-class training opportunities for our students, SBG Idaho is excited to announce a training seminar with US World Team Member, Junior National Champion, and Pan-Am Gold Medalist, Victoria Anthony, Saturday, April 8 from 10am-noon!

Raised in Huntington Beach, CA Victoria began her combat sports journey as a child in Judo where she trained alongside Olympic medalist and former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey. In high school Victoria transitioned to wrestling, where her success on the mats earned her an opportunity to wrestle for Simon Frasier University. While in college Victoria earned 4 consecutive national titles, becoming the first woman ever to do so!

Victoria went on to wrestle internationally, earning Pan-American Championship gold three times, Junior World Championship gold twice, and represented the US at the World Championships twice!

This training event is perfect for wrestlers, grapplers, mixed martial artists, or anyone that just wants to improve their takedown skills. The cost is $50 for anyone 18 years old or younger, and $80 for 19 and up.

Call, stop by the front desk or click the link below to reserve your spot. There is also limited availability for private lessons, inquire at registration!

We look forward to seeing everyone on the mats for some fantastic training April 8!


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