In our mission to continue providing world-class training opportunities for our students, SBG Idaho is excited to host SBG Atlanta Founder and Coach, Phillipe Gentry, for a BJJ seminar on Saturday, July 29 from 10am-1pm!

An accomplished martial artist with nearly two decades of experience, Coach Gentry is one of Georgia’s longest tenured and most accomplished martial arts coaches! His accolades include – amateur MMA champion, IBJJF Purple Belt Pan-Am Champion, and 2X Georgia MMA Coach of the Year! Coach Gentry received his BJJ Blackbelt in 2014 from Alliance co-founder Romero Jacare Cavalcanti before joining SBG International, where he recently received his third stripe from SBG President, Matt Thornton!

Coach Gentry has spent the last decade focusing on the success of his students and will be extending that dedication to our students and coaches on July 29! So come join us for what is sure to be game-changing material for everyone, from brand-new white belts to experienced black belts!

Cost is $80 for all SBG members and $100 for all SBG visitors. Call, stop by the front desk or click the link below to reserve your spot, and we look forward to seeing everyone on the mats for some fantastic training July 29!


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