Here at SBG Idaho we truly believe that martial arts training is the best way to gain mental, physical, and emotional strength. The lessons we learn on the mats about discipline, determination, compassion, resilience, and teamwork are key ingredients to a happy and fulfilling life.

However, stepping onto the mats for the first time can be daunting. Physical limitations, injuries, and poor lifestyle choices can often rob us of the confidence we need to take that all-important first step. As coaches we hear this all the time, so we are meeting that challenge head-on!

Beginning Monday, April 22, we are offering an 8 Week Fitness program geared to tearing down those physical limitations and fears. Whatever your goals may be – increased strength, weight loss, adding muscle mass, improved mobility – we’ve got you covered! Coach Israel Lopez and the rest of our Fight Fit team will be taking new students step-by-step through their initial assessment, individualized training program, and eating and recovery plan, while providing feedback and accountability along the way!

Pricing is $618 for new students and $280 for current students. Weekly pricing options are also available.

Call, email, or stop by to schedule your meeting with one of our helpful consultants and get started on an 8 week journey that will change your life for the better!!!

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