Combat Fitness Goes 3-1 At The Clash MMA

Combat Fitness/ SBG Idaho athletes went 3-1 on the night at The Clash MMA: Revenge in Logan, Utah this past Saturday night.

Russell Koharchick (1-0) started the evening off on the right foot, picking up a first round TKO victory over Michael Dukes. The two heavyweights exchanges leg kicks and punches early before a strong body kick by Koharchick prompted Dukes to shoot for an ill-advised takedown. Russell met him with a powerful sprawl which forced Dukes to his back, where Koharchick quickly transitioned to side control and a crucifix. Strong ground strikes and a referee’s stoppage soon followed.



Elmar Umarov kept the momentum going with a quick rear naked choke victory over Dalton Holverson. Umarov struck first with a stinging straight right that got Holverson’s attention. In the following exchange, Umarov quickly changed levels for a powerful double leg at the base of the cage. When Holverson attempted to stand, Elmar quickly secured the back and the rear naked choke.



In the night’s second professional bout Brendon Raftery (4-1) silenced the crowd by putting local favorite, Anthony Miller, to sleep with a first round triangle choke. Miller was able to plant Raftery of his back early after catching a low kick. Showing poise and technique, Raftery quickly secured a deep triangle choke. Panicked, Miller attempted to hammer fist his way free, which only made his situation worse, and he was removed from his senses shortly after.




Our final athlete to take the cage was Chuck Fordyce (5-6) taking on WSOF vet Tanner Cowan. In a cautious opening round, Fordyce appeared to sieze control on the strength of numerous hard leg kicks and stout takedown defense. Round two was more of the same until Cowan was able to reverse a Fordyce double leg attempt to take top position. He remained there the rest of the round, landing intermittent ground and pound, while transitioning between side control, mount and back control. In the final round, Fordyce sprawled on a Cowan shot beautifully, secured back control, and flattened his opponent out. Alternating between a rear naked choke and ground and pound, Fordyce appeared to be close to a stoppage before the referee inexplicably stopped the action and stood both fighters up, Though it appeared no verbal warning had been issued, the referee made it clear it was due to strikes to the back of the head. After Cowan was allowed ample time to recover, the fight was restarted from standing, where it soon became apparent that Fordyce was a spent force. Pushed back against the cage by a takedown attempt, Fordyce absorbed a hard flurry followed by a standing elbow and a takedown. Cowan moved to mount and unloaded with hard punches until the referee called a halt to the action.

Win or lose we are always proud of our athletes and appreciate the chance to help them, in whatever way we can, achieve their goals!!!

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