Pate And Ransom Earn Brownbelts


This past weekend we had the great pleasure of hosting a BJJ seminar taught by SBG President, Matt Thornton. It was two days of fantastic instruction, as only Coach Thornton can do- incredibly simple in its delivery and application, and equally as effective.

The weekend was capped off on Sunday by the promotion of two of our own coaches, Bill Pate and Michael Ransom, to the rank of brownbelt!!! As per SBG tradition, they each endured a nearly two-hour Ironman with over 30 of their teammates and students to celebrate their fantastic achievement!!!

Congratulations to both Bill and Michael, for being not only amazing martial artists, but equally amazing people! We would also like to thank Matt Thornton and SBG blackbelt, John Diggins, for their unbelievable coaching the entire weekend, and their participation in this very special Ironman!!!

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