Arteaga Drops Controversial Decision At Bellator 161





September 16, 2016 SBG Idaho Coach Veta Arteaga dropped a controversial split decision in an exciting, high-paced fight on the televised main card portion of Bellator 161, at the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park Texas. Arteaga blasted Yankova with a right early on that staggered the Russian fighter. Yankova recovered and was immediately rocked with punches and knees from Arteaga. The action slowed a bit later in the round but Arteaga took it handily, with many MMA outlets giving her a 10-8 round as she was close to stopping the Russian fighter multiple times. The second round was a back and forth round with both fighters exchanging punches and kicks from long range and in the clinch. Yankova was landing, but Arteaga was landing harder, more accurate strikes, including a huge spinning backfist. The third round had Yankova stalking Arteaga for a majority of the round, but really unable to mount any sort of a worthwhile attack. After 3 exciting rounds, unfortunately, the Texas judges scored the fight a split decision victory for Anastasia Yankova (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Even though the decision did not go our way, many major MMA outlets scored the fight in favor of Arteaga. Veta proved how SBG Idaho fighters perform on a large stage. We are incredibly proud of Veta and look forward to her next performance inside the cage!

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