Take Part In Movember With SBG Idaho And The Barber Story


movember_letterhead copy


This November, SBG Idaho will be teaming up with The Barber Story to raise money for Movember. A $15 donation to the Movember Charity can be made at the front desk. A receipt of that donation gets you a complimentary straight razor shave provided by The Barber Story to start your glorious mustache path! If you can’t grow a mustache or don’t want to shave, you can still make a donation of any amount to the cause!

Movember is a charity dedicated to stopping men from dying young. Prostate cancer rates are projected to double in the next 15 years, testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the last 50 years, and 75% of all suicides committed are by men. Poor mental health leads to half a million men taking their own life every year. That’s one every minute. Movember’s goal is to ensure that by 2030,that they reduce the number of early deaths, from all these causes, by 25%. To learn more about Movember’s cause, what your donations raise funds for, or to get involved yourself, visit their website at http://us.movember.com

Complimentary services can be booked at TheBarberStory.com. Schedule based on open availability. We can wait to see a mat full of mustaches this November!

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