Brock Cleans Up at The Revolution XXXII

November 12th 2016 Current World Series of Fighting Bantamweight and SBG Idaho Brown Belt, Jesse Brock, won big at The Revolution XXXII in Tacoma, Washington. Brock took home gold medals in brown belt gi and advanced no-gi at his weight and a silver medal in the advanced no-gi absolute division, despite being one of the smaller competitors in the division! Brock was also able to contribute to SBG’s bronze medal finish in the Adult Nogi team race!

Congrats to Coach Jesse for continually leading from the front, and for showing how the hard work and training we do here at SBG Idaho can pay off!

If you are interested in learning from and training with champions like Coach Jesse, contact us at 208-935-6264 or fill out the “Wanna Train” tab at the top of our website.

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