SBG Idaho Adds 3 New Black Belts at SBG Fall Camp!!!







SBG Fall Camp was an incredible experience! Friday night started with an open mat and Coaches Corner- always a perfect way to meet the extended tribe and see the value that all SBG coaches give! Saturday morning opened at 8am with an MMA practice run by Coach Adam Singer of SBG Athens. After an introduction from SBG President Matt Thornton, Coach Singer taught a fantastic section on clinch work against the cage followed by an hour and a half of Coach Matt’s game-changing mount curriculum! After a lunch break, Coach Steve Whittier from SBG East Coast taught a fantastic striking section followed, by SBG VP Travis Davison teaching some essential guard work for staying safe no matter the situation or rule set. After a great yoga session from Salome Thornton, Coach Matt Thornton gathered the tribe around to present Coaches Jesse Brock, Jake Martinez and Michael Ransom from SBG Idaho with very well deserved SBG Black Belts. A testament to these men’s hard work and dedication to not only themselves but the students and tribe they served. An Ironman for all three is to be announced soon and we expect a huge turnout from our Tribe!

Day 2 started with a Yoga workout from Kisa Davison and was followed by fantastic sections from SBG Buford Head Coach Phillipe Gentry and IBJJF Black Belt World Champion Amanda Diggins! Coach Gentry covered some knee on bell fundamentals with some slick possibilities, while Coach Diggins went over some great details and fantastic fundamentals aspects of passing an open guard. The second half of day two was capped by coach Cane Prevost covering a great conceptual class on building a complete game and Coach Paul Sharp with some potentially life-saving knife defense using a two on one grip. The camp ended with a Q & A section with all of the coaches that taught over the weekend.

We want to take the time to thank everyone that took the time, money and commitment to visit us in Boise for SBG Fall Camp. SBG camps are always an incredibly enriching experience, both for you as a martial artist and more importantly as a person and member of the Tribe! Thank you to our staff and members for making sure that everything ran smoothly and that our guests had a great time! We appreciate all of the coaches for sharing their time and knowledge and can’t wait for SBG Spring Camp in Athens, Georgia next year!


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