FSF 16 Recap with Photos & Video!

The 16th installment of Front Street Fights went down Saturday, February 23, at CenturyLink Arena in Boise, ID As usual, SBG Idaho put on some outstanding performances!

Results are as follows-

Riley Timmons (CF/SBG Idaho) lost to Faith Davis via unanimous decision

Both ladies begin with good movement, probing with their jabs and feinting. Both land some solid punches and kicks from the outside, before an overhand right from Davis backs Timmons away, allowing Davis to come forward with a flurry. With her back to the cage, Timmons fires right back, forcing Davis to reset in the center. More movement and kicks exchanged from both, before Davis again charges forward behind strong punches, forcing Timmons back to the cage, and again resetting. Timmons resumes her forward pressure, but Davis catches a body kick and trips Timmons to the mat. Timmons nearly recovers her guard, but Davis is able to pass and mount. Timmons escapes nicely back to turtle, before Davis backs away and resets to standing. More movement around the outside from Davis as Timmons looks to back her down. David comes forward with punches, but Timmons gets the better of the exchange, landing two solid right hands. Another Davis charge leads to a clinch, but Timmons controls the head well, landing hard knees to the body with Davis attempting to pin her to the cage as the round ends. Round 2 begins with Timmons using her jab well to move Davis towards the cage. Another caught body kick by Davis takes Timmons down, but Timmons does a great job of closing her guard and controlling the posture of Davis. As Timmons opens her guard, Davis slices her knee through and momentarily gains mount. But just as quickly, Timmons escapes out the back, and returns to her feet. As Timmons turns towards her, Davis lands several strong punches and resets back to the center. Another strong flurry from Davis cause Timmons to clinch briefly before separating. More punches and kicks are exchanged, with both ladies landing well, before Davis catches another Timmons kick, taking her to the mat. From there Davis passes to side control, mount, and the back as the round comes to a close. Timmons begins the final round pressuring forward, needing a finish. The shorter Davis does well moving around the outside and stepping in behind quick punches and getting back out quickly. Timmons is keeping the pressure on, but unable to land cleanly. Just as the round is coming to a close, Davis catches a Timmons kick, and manages to finish the takedown before the final bell.

Overall, a great fight, and an awesome performance by Timmons, who battled hard to the end against her much more experienced opponent!


Kyle Frost (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over Jacob Hauck via Submission by RNC, 2:29 Round 1

Frost takes the center and follows a body jab to a quick high crotch takedown. After a brief scramble, Frost moves to side control, then mount. Hauck attempts to come under the legs but finds himself ensnared in a mounted triangle. Hauck again scrambles to escape, but Frost does a great job of moving to mount in transition. Hauck turns away, giving his back. Frost settles into the position, peppering Hauck with short punches before locking on the fight ending RNC!

Fantastic performance by Frost, who took the fight on just a week’s notice, and improves to 2-0 as a professional with the win!!!


Billy Carothers (CF/SBG Idaho) winner over Paul Crawford via Submission by RNC, 2:37 Round 1

Carothers comes forward quickly behind a jab and a hard left hand, but Crawford slides out of range and lands a left hand of his own before clinching and taking Carothers down briefly at the edge of the cage. Carothers stands immediately and Crawford unloads with hard shots with Carothers pinned to the cage. Carothers does well to avoid much damage, before faking a double leg and circling back to the center. Both men exchange menacing shots that just barely miss. Carothers attempts a long range double leg that Crawford defends, circling Carothers to the cage and unloading hard punches again. Carothers beautifully ducks under a hook and finishes a double leg on Crawford. Carothers controls from halfguard top, landing short punches as Crawford moves toward the cage and stands. Carothers attempts to take the back, but Crawford is able to turn and face, reversing Carothers on the cage. Crawford finishes a takedown, but Carothers is up immediately. Crawford again drops low, lifting Carothers in the air and slamming him down hard towards the center. Standing over Carothers, Crawford begins throwing bombs, but Carothers successfully avoids any damage by using his feet on the hips to move away and get to turtle against the cage. Before Carothers can stand, Crawford lands a blatantly illegal knee to Carothers’ head. Strangely, referee Tom Supnet allows the fight to continue without addressing the obvious foul. Fortunately, Carothers doesn’t seem fazed, and recovers to standing. Crawford changes levels and lifts Carothers for another slam, but Billy traps one of Crawford’s arms and reverses the takedown beautifully, landing on top, with Crawford in turtle. Carothers softens Crawford up with short punches from top, before sinking in both hooks. Carothers drives his hips in and flattens Crawford out before cinching up the fight ending RNC!

Congrats Billy on a fantastic finish after battling through some early adversity!


As always, thank you to our athletes for conducting yourselves with courage and class! Thanks to all the coaches and training partners for your sacrifice in preparing everyone for battle! Special thanks to the Tribe for filling the arena and cheering on our guys and girls! Already looking forward to FSF 17 on May 4!!!

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