Burgess Dominant at SUG7!!!

Cash Burgess with another dominant SUG victory

SBG Idaho grappler, Cash Burgess, picked up another dominant victory at Submission Underground 7, April 15 at the Roseland Theater in downtown Portland, Oregon!

Streamed live on flograppling.com, Burgess took on fellow yellow belt, Liam Furey, of First Light Academy. Burgess and Furey met at center cage quickly. Burgess secured bicep control and a collar tie before changing levels into a deep double leg. Burgess sent Furey flying before landing in side control. Burgess maintained position, then transitioned to mount and attacked with a no-gi Ezekiel Choke. Furey turned away to relieve pressure and Burgess moved to the back and locked in a rear naked choke. After a brief struggle, Furey was forced to tap, giving Burgess the win at 1:30!!!

Congrats Cash we are incredible proud of your effort and continued growth as a martial artist! Special thanks to Coach Michael Ransom for his efforts preparing Cash for the big event!!!


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