FSF 17 Recap With Photos & Video

FSF 17 was a night filled with the high drama typical of mixed martial arts, and Friday, May 4, SBG Idaho athletes were firmly in that mix.

***Photo credit to Lisa Jordan***

Results from the night are as follows-

Kyle Aslami (SBG Idaho) winner over Joe Rodriguez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

The fight begins with Aslami effectively using his movement and range to keep Rodriguez from putting him in any sort of danger. Aslami lands a couple of kicks, but nothing damaging. At the midway point, Aslami counters a kick from Rodriguez with an overhand right that causes the Twin Falls fighter to retreat back, Aslami follows his opponent and barely misses a big head kick before resetting. Aslami continues using outstanding movement to frustrate and confuse his opponent while also peppering in damaging kicks to the leg and body as the round ends. 

The second round continues with much of the same. Aslami using superior footwork and head movement to frustrate his opponent, while landing solid punches and kicks to Rodriguez’s legs, body, and head.

Round three and Aslami really begins to find his rhythm, landing a sidekick to Rodriguez’s body and putting the pressure on him with more kicks to the leg and head. Aslami’s head movement continues to be stellar as he avoids a Rodriguez left hook with a smooth uppercut counter followed by another head kick attempt. Aslami ups the forward pressure on Rodriguez, but maintains the beautiful head movement and footwork that has been present throughout the fight. Aslami continues to pick the Twin Falls native apart until the final round horn sounds, picking up a dominant unanimous decision victory!













Stephen Stirewalt (SBG Idaho) winner over Lino Sanchez via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Round one and both men are feeling each other out, using their movement to find their range and timing. Stirewalt catches a kick from Sanchez and barely misses a big overhand right. The two men reset and Sanchez lands a hard right hand, following it with another that pushes Stirewalt back to the cage. The SBG Idaho representative keeps his composure and clinches with Sanchez, turning him against the cage and landing knees from the clinch. Sanchez reverses Stirewalt, but Stirewalt does a great job of reversing Sanchez before both man separate to the center of the Front Street Fights Cage. Stirewalt follows a deep kick to the body with a hard, leaping right hook to Sanchez. The men exchange strikes, with nothing really connecting fully until a clash of kicks gives Sanchez the opportunity to clinch with Stirewalt, pressing him into the cage until finally securing a bodylock and trip takedown with a little over 2 minutes left in the round. Stirewalt stays active with his guard, keeping Sanchez on the defensive by throwing up a quick triangle that is defended. Stirewalt lands a couple of hard elbows from the bottom before securing a tight armbar. Sanchez is able to temporarily defend, but Stirewalt makes a few adjustments to fully extend the grimacing Sanchez’s arm. Unfortunately the cage prevents Stirewalt from being able to extend any further to finish the lock and Sanchez escapes, landing in side control with 1:20 left in the first round. Stirewalt does a great job recomposing his guard and goes back to work, using the guard to  stay safe from Sanchez sporadic strike attempts while also landing hard elbow strikes and attacking submissions from his back. 

Round two begins with both men exchanging strikes, Sanchez closes the distance and secures double underhooks, pressing Stirewalt against the cage. Stirewalt secures an underhook and turns Sanchez, changes levels and shoots in on a double leg takedown that Sanchez defends. Stirewalt separates with a knee, lands a combination and changes levels for another double leg that is initially defended by Sanchez before Stirewalt gets under his opponent and lifts him up, carries him for a huge slam in the center of the cage a minute and a half into the round! Stirewalt uses a strong base and control of his opponent’s legs to keep Sanchez on his back, landing hard shots from the top before efficiently passing to full mount with less than three minutes left in the round. The tiring Sanchez eats hard elbows from the bottom before Stirewalt transitions to a front headlock position, still raining elbows on Sanchez. Sanchez persists, however, and is able to not only reverse position, but take full mount on Stirewalt. Stirewalt maintains his composure and regains his guard once again. From guard Stirewalt continues to do a great job controlling the Team No Excuse representative’s posture and arms before using the cage to stand up, threaten with a guillotine choke and get back to standing landing hard knees before Sanchez takes him back down, but ends the round with no real attempts at damage. 

Round three has both competitors exchanging strikes with Stirewalt landing the more crisp, effective shots on the tiring Sanchez. Stirewalt changes levels and establishes double underhooks on Sanchez, pressing him against the cage, punishing him with knees and elbow strikes. Sanchez uses an underhook to turn Stirewalt, moves to double underhooks and takes Stirewalt down to the middle of the cage with a little over half of the round to go. Stirewalt continues using his superior guard skills to neutralize Sanchez, briefly locking up a triangle choke before going back to close guard where he exchanges hard elbows from the bottom with Lino’s sporadic punches from top. Another triangle attempt from Stirewalt is defended and Stirewalt goes back to landing elbow strikes that are starting to leave a mess of cuts and welts on face of Sanchez as the final round ends. At the end of the fight the judges saw Stirewalt’s effective grappling and strikes to be the deciding factor giving him the nod in a close, exciting fight! Congrats to Stephen on a victorious professional debut!!!


FSF Featherweight Championship – Matt Jones (SBG Idaho) lost to Drew Brokenshire via submission, RNC, 1:50 Round 3

The two men touch gloves to start the five round championship bout. After a short feeling out process, Brokenshire pumps a jab and follows with an overhand right that drops Jones to the mat. Brokenshire follows the stunned Jones to the mat, establishing a front headlock before transitioning to Jones’s back where he landing hard shots as he establishes his hooks for back control. The featherweight champion maintains his composure as Brokenshire hunts for the rear naked choke. As Brokenshire attempts a transition to mount, Jones turns in and is able to use his butterfly hooks to regain guard and immediately throws up a high guard, putting the Tacoma-based fighter on the defensive. Jones uses this opportunity to get his feet on his opponent’s hips and create space to stand back up and pressure him against the cage with a flurry of strikes. The two men exchange knees and Brokenshire uses this as an opportunity to clinch Jones and pressure him against the cage, landing a few knees of his own in the process. Jones turns and reverse the position against the cage, separating from Brokenshire before changing levels to shoot in on a single leg takedown. Brokenshire does a great job maintaining his balance to defend the takedown, turning Jones before creating space where the two men exchange punches off of the break. Jones ducks a Brokenshire right and shoots in on a takedown that is defended, but Jones is able to pin him to the cage. More jockeying for position ensues, while both fighters exchange knees and elbows in close. Jones is able to secure double underhooks and a trip takedown with 30 seconds left in the round. Brokenshire attempts a heel hook, but Jones defends as time expires in the round.

Round two begins and Jones puts the pressure on, immediately taking the center of the cage. Both men seem to be content exchanging punches and kicks with neither man looking to really have the upper hand until a series of rights from Brokenshire puts Jones against the cage. Brokenshire smells blood and starts to unload a flurry of punches switching from Jones head to his body. Jones shows the composure of a champion while under fire, keeping his guard up and using his footwork and movement to get out of danger and avoid any further damage. Jones tries to mount some offense of his own, but for every strike that Jones throws Brokenshire answers with several more of his own. The two clinch and fight for position with three minutes left in the round. Jones is able to establish dominant position and starts looking to land some of his own damaging offense. Landing elbows and punches from the clinch and just missing Brokenshire with a big knee strike. They separate with half of the round remaining and Jones changes levels and drives Brokenshire to a ground with a big double leg takedown! He looks to establish mount, Brokenshire turns away, allowing for Jones to take his back and establish a body triangle with his legs. Jones hunts for the rear naked choke, using punches to the face and body of his opponent to try and find an opening for the neck. Brokenshire does a great job of defending and is able to get back to his feet with less than a minute left in the second round. Brokenshire defends a Jones takedown and lands two hard knees, backing up Jones as the round comes to a close.

Round three and Jones comes out aggressive, landing three hard kicks to the arms and body of Brokenshire. Brokenshire returns fire with a flurry of punches, but Jones establishes a Muay Thai clinch and lands two hard knees to Brokenshire, smashing his nose! The game Brokenshire pushes back though, answering with a flurry of strikes that back Jones up to the cage.  Brokenshire puches Jones up against the cage and lands a trip takedown. Brokenshire’s nose is potentially broken and leaking blood like a faucet as he goes to pass the guard of Jones, who turtles and gives up his back. Brokenshire is attempting to establish his hooks to get a more dominant control of Jones’s back, but Jones is doing a good job of using his elbows to keep that space maintained. Eventually, Jones stands and Brokenshire uses this opportunity to establish his hooks, trapping Jones’s arm in the process. Jones uses the cage to stand, but Brokenshire stays tight on his back and persistently looks to secure an arm under the neck of the champion. Jones defends well, but the combination of carrying the wight of Brokenshire and the blood leaking on his body allows for Brokenshire to get his left arm underneath Jones’s neck and secure a rear naked choke finish at 1:50 of round number three. Congrats to the new champion in Brokenshire, and an even bigger congrats to our guy, Matt Jones! Matt took on true MMA veteran, with three times the professional experience of his own, and put on a competitive exciting performance that all FSF fans will remember!!!






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