SBG Idaho Goes 3-0 at FSF 19!!!

April 19, 2019 – Boise, Idaho SBG Idaho MMA athletes made it a clean sweep at Front Street Fights 19: McKinney vs McIntyre. Stephen Stirewalt (3-1 MMA, 2-0 FSF) notched another professional victory with a 3rd round submission over Leon Taylor in the evening’s co-main event. On the amateur undercard, Noah Shultz (4-2 MMA, 3-1 FSF) made quick work of the previously undefeated Nacho Navarro, with a 30 second submission win, and Almir Talic (2-0 MMA, 3-0 FSF) recorded yet another first round finish, with a TKO stoppage over Tanner Chapman.

Fight breakdown as follows-

Noah Shultz (SBG Idaho) winner over Nacho Navarro via Submission (Guillotine Choke), 00:33 Round 1

Shultz opens the fight pressuring Navarro with feints before landing a low kick. Navarro quickly responds in kind. Shultz retreats momentarily into southpaw before firing off a headkick that lands clean on Navarro’s browline. Navarro is hurt and shoots in quickly. Shultz defends the shot and jumps guard into a tight guillotine choke. After a brief struggle, Navarro is forced to tap. Congrats Noah on a flawless performance, you continue to develop and impress with every fight!


Almir Talic (SBG Idaho) winner over Tanner Chapman via TKO, 2:55 Round 1

Talic taker the center of the cage and backs Chapman up with a headkick from southpaw, and Chapman responds with a few punches. Talic continues to pressure with feints before landing a strong leg kick that knocks Chapman off balance. Talic goes back for another low kick, but Chapman catches it and hustles him to the ground. Talic attempts to close his guard, but his left foot in caught. Talic locks down rubber guard on his right side and goes to work with strikes from his back. Chapman stands and Talic goes for an armbar, but his trapped foot prevents it. Chapman lands a few hammer fists from top and attempts to pass before Talic is able to secure his closed guard. Talic climbs his legs high, preventing any attempts to posture by Chapman. Talic attempts a few armbars, but Chapman manages to slam his way out. Talic eventually finds the right angle however, sweeping Chapman directly into mount. Talic immediately begins raining down hard punches, forcing the referee, Rulon Day, to intervene seconds before the round ends! Beautiful work Almir, we are proud of the mental and physical growth shown in this fight!


Stephen Stirewalt (SBG Idaho) winner over Leon Taylor via Submission (Rear Naked Choke),  1:14 Round 3

Stirewalt immediately takes the center of the cage, backing Taylor up against the fence. A kick by Taylor is caught by Stirewalt, who fires off a few punches before clinching and lifting Taylor off the cage with a double leg. Stirewalt passes quickly to side control, where he fires off short elbows to the head of Taylor. Taylor eventually manages to get his guard back and Stirewalt postures and stands. Taylor is able to transition to the 50/50 leglock position, prompting Stirewalt to drop back for a heelhook. Taylor locks in a deep straight ankle lock of his own and sits back hard. Stirewalt remains calm and begins defending his leg, which allows Taylor to land some hammerfists and punches from bottom, bloodying the nose of Stirewalt. Stirewalt eventually frees his leg and begins landing hard punches of his own from top before the round ends.

Round 2 sees Stirewalt immediately back Taylor to the fence and follow a low kick into the clinch for another easy double leg takedown. Taylor secures half guard, but Stirewalt transitions to mount and starts landing hard punches and elbows. Taylor scrambles hard and manages to escape back to his feet, where they exchange knees in the clinch along the fence. Another double leg to mount is reversed by Taylor as he manages to catch the head and roll Stirewalt over into a headlock position. Stirewalt remains calm, escaping the headlock and taking the back of Taylor. Taylor stands against the cage and is scooped up by another Stirewalt double leg and deposited in the center of the cage. From Taylor’s halfguard, Stirewalt eventually passes to mount again, where the punches and elbows flow, opening up a nasty cut on Taylor’s forehead just before the round ends.

The final round again finds Stirewalt backing Taylor to the fence. A strong left hook from Stirewalt drops Taylor to his knees where he immediately shoots for a takedown. A brief scramble ensues before Stirewalt secures the back on Taylor, trapping an arm in the process. Stirewalt methodically snakes his arm under the neck of Taylor, forcing the tap! Great fight Stephen, you showed composure, technique, and grit in the face of a motivated, determined opponent. Well earned victory!!!

As always, thanks you to our athletes that represent themselves and the gym with courage and class. Thank you to all the coaches and training partners for the countless hours spent helping prepare everyone for battle. Finally, thank you to the SBG Tribe here in Idaho and around the world for all the great support! One Tribe, One Vibe!!!

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