Carothers Victorious at MTF 11!

SBG Idaho MMA athlete, Billy Carothers, turned in a fantastic showing in the main event of Mountain Force MMA 11, August 3 at the Pincrest Event Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho! Carothers picked up his third submission via rear naked choke in his last four fights, when he submitted Aaron Sutton at 1:11 of the 3rd and final round!

Carothers (6-10 MMA, 1-1 MTF) was sharp from the start, using his superior striking arsenal to keep Sutton on the outside and defensive. Using punches to disguise his kicks, Carothers opened the fight with several high kicks that reddened the face of Sutton. When his kicks were defended, Carothers mixed up the attack with punches to the head and body. Clinch attempts from Suttonwere thwarted with quick footwork and strong pummelling. Near the end of the first round, Sutton managed to bring Carothers to the mat as time expired. Round two followed a fimilar pattern, with Carothers a step ahead in the striking department, bloodying the nose of Sutton while landing kicks and punches from distance. Committing more urgently to the takedown, Sutton managed to bring the fight to the ground midway through the round. Carothers immediately controlled Sutton’s posture with a strong closed guard and began landing vicious elbows from his back before using the cage to stand and separate. Carothers then launched a flying knee that led to another quick takedown by Sutton before the round ended. The final round began as before, with Carothers staying sharp from the outside while Sutton looked to close the distance and take the fight to the mat. A clinch from Sutton led to a big lift and slam, but Carothers immediately turned to stand, causing Sutton to jump on his back, looking to secure hooks. Carothers defended well, shucking Sutton off and taking his back in the process and trapping an arm. Carothers immediately secured the choke and Sutton was forced to tap!

Fantastic fight from both men, and a great performance in all phases of the fight from Billy! Special thanks to all the coaches and training partners that played a role in Billy’s victory!!!

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