Henry Akins BJJ Seminar, Oct 3-4!

SBG Idaho is excited to host Rickson Gracie Black Belt, Henry Akins, for a 2-day BJJ seminar on October 3 & 4!
Coach Henry is widely regarded in the BJJ communities as one of the finest coaches in the world, first serving as the main coach at the Rickson Gracie Academy for 10 years, and more recently Dynamix MMA in Los Angeles. He is most well known for his “Hidden Jiu-Jitsu” concepts developed through years of training with Rickson himself as he prepared for his fights in Japan.  Those who attend can expect to learn easily implementable jiu-jitsu that will be equally game changing from brand new white belts to experienced black belts! Coach Henry is also a recent addition to the SBG International organization, and he are incredibly excited to host what we hope is the first of many training opportunities with a BJJ coaching legend!
The seminar will run Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 1pm and students from all schools and affiliations are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Space will be limited, so be sure to register ASAP at store.sbgidaho.com.

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