Hollier Notches Comeback Win at GLFC Last Month!

It wasn’t easy, but SBG Idaho pro, Ben Hollier, notched his fifth professional win with a 3rd round rear naked choke a month ago, December 12, at Global Legion FC!

In a matchup of two promising prospects, Hollier (5-1, MMA, 1-0 GLFC) took on Justin Vasquez (5-2, 2-1 GLFC) in his hometown of Miami, Florida. Round 1 sees Hollier begin the action with a body kick, but Vasquez catches it and knocks him off balance momentarily. Vasquez fires a kick of his own which Hollier catches and uses to drive Vasquez to the cage. Hollier transitions to the clinch and attempts to bring Vasquez off the cage with a body lock. Vasquez defends with a whizzer that brings Hollier to the mat. Vasquez grabs a front headlock and immediately transitions to an anaconda choke. Hollier defends well and Vasquez moves to a d’arce choke instead. Hollier continues defending as Vasquez alternates between attacks. Hollier uses the cage to stand but Vasquez uses a body lock to return him hard to the mat before transitioning to the back. Vasquez secures a body triangle and moves to a guillotine choke as the round ends.

Round 2 starts with both men exchanging on the feet. Hollier landing a few solid right hands before clinching and securing a takedown briefly against the cage. As Vasquez stands Hollier looks to take the back, but Vasquez reverses against the cage and scores a double leg takedown of his own. Vasquez again moves to the back and secures the body triangle. Vasquez nearly sinks a rear naked choke, but Hollier defends and quickly spins inside Vasquez’s hooks to reverse the position. Hollier stacks Vasquez against the cage and attempts to pass. A scramble occurs and Hollier is on Vasquez’s back momentarily before getting reversed. Hollier locks up a kimura, but Vasquez defends and secures the back again. Vasquez attempts another guillotine that Hollier defends well. Finding himself seated along the cage, Hollier uses butterfly hooks to reverse the position and score a takedown against the cage. Hollier postures up and lands a few punches from top as the horn sounds.

Down two rounds, Hollier begins the final frame with a brief exchange in the center of the cage before a long distance takedown attempt. Vasquez sprawl easily and again moves to the back with a body triangle. Hollier manages to again reverse the position and a wild scramble sees both men exchange positions before Hollier secures the back and then mount when Vasquez rolls to his back. Hollier snatches up an arm and goes belly down in an attempt to finish the armbar. Vasquez defends hard and frees his arm, but Hollier again scrambles to the back and gets both hooks in deep. Applying good hip pressure and maintaining wrist control, Hollier gets under Vasquez’s chin to secure the tap with less than 1 minute remaining!

Congratulations Ben on a huge comeback victory over a skilled opponent!!!

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