Three weeks ago SBG Idaho mixed martial artist, Andrew “Hurricane” Cruz, picked up a huge win at Stellar Fights 47 – submitting Kevin Chung with a 3rd round rear naked choke in the evening’s co-main event.

Cruz (8-4 MMA, 1-0 SF) is his trademark aggressive self from the opening bell, backing the One FC vet, Chung (5-3 MMA, 0-1 SF) up with several jabs and a cross. A jumping switch kick to the head from Chung catches Cruz’s attention and he moves to the clinch and secures a takedown. Chung manages to return to his feet and reverses Cruz to the cage. Chung changes levels to secure a lock and lifts Cruz high in the air with a double leg, before marching him to his corner and slamming him down. Cruz pops up immediately, then reverses the position. Cruz has Chung pushed to the cage with a rear waist lock, where he punishes Chung with knees to the legs and foot stomps. Cruz eventually converts the body lock to a takedown and finishes the round on top, landing strong ground and pound.

The second round begins with Cruz marching forward behind strong punching combinations. Chung fires back, but can’t keep Cruz at bay. Cruz eventually secures the clinch and takedown. Strong ground and pound soon follows and Chung turns away and scrambles to his feet, but Cruz still has him pressed to the cage. More knees, foot stomps, and punches come from Cruz before he secures another takedown. More heavy ground and pound prompts Chung to turn towards the cage and Cruz manages to secure the back. Cruz begins working on a rear naked choke as the bell sounds.

The final round sees Cruz go right back to the clinch and the fight is quickly back on the ground. Chung looks very tired and frustrated. An attempt by Chung to stand is quickly thwarted by Cruz who deposits him near the middle of the cage this time. Chung uses a half-guard lockdown to keep Cruz at bay. Cruz eventually passes and secures mount, forcing Chung to give up his back. More heavy ground and pound follows before Cruz locks up the fight-ending RNC with just 30 seconds left in the bout!

Fantastic fight by Cruz, who reveals during his post-fight interview that he will be deploying shortly to Kuwait for a year. Congrats on a vintage “Hurricane” performance Andrew and thank you for your service to our country!

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