Fuentes Drops Bout At Clash FC 18


SBG Idaho’s Michael Fuentes endured a tough loss to Utah’s Andy Pitcher at The Clash FC 18 last weekend in Logan, Utah.

The fight started out great for Fuentes, who used his significant reach to tag Pitcher with several hard jabs early. When Pitcher closed the distance to look for the takedown against the cage, Fuentes threatened with a guillotine choke before securing a body lock takedown of his own. From side control, Fuentes worked to improve his position before Pitcher sprang to his feet against the cage. Fuentes quickly scooped him up with a double leg and slammed him down hard, finishing with strong ground and pound. Round two saw Fuentes start to loosen up from standing, landing several stinging jabs, crosses, and side kicks. Pitcher responded with wild hooks, which were easily avoided by Fuentes. Michael even used a caught kick from Pitcher to sweep him off his feet, causing him to somersault backwards. That all came to an end quickly, however, when Pitcher stepped inside a Fuentes front kick to land a hard spinning backfist, that caught Fuentes right on the jaw and dropped him to the mat. A few follow up shots prompted the referee to step in and stop the fight.

It’s always a bummer to see a fighter drop a bout they were winning handily, but in the end we learn from it and move on. Great work out there Michael! You showed your skill and grace in defeat. We are proud of you and look forward to watching you take home the victory next time!!!

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