SBG Idaho To Host 2017 Fall Camp!


We, at SBG Idaho, are excited to announce the privilege of hosting 2017 Fall Camp! October 13-15, SBG Blackbelts, athletes, and students from all over the US, Canada, and overseas, will visit our beautiful city for another fantastic weekend of training, teaching, and quality time with the Tribe!

If you have never been to an SBG Camp, then make this your first one! You will not only get first rate coaching and insight from the top Blackbelts in the organization, but you will spend time and connect with Tribe members from all over the world! This Camp promises to the biggest and best one yet, so come experience it for yourself!

Early registration price is $299 for SBG members, $342 for non members, and ends on September 1st! Come see the front desk to get registered now!!!

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