RPR Workshop – July 16!

We strive to maintain safe, intelligent, and effective training methods here at SBG Idaho. To that end, we are excited to offer a two hour REFLEXIVE PERFORMANCE RESET (RPR®) workshop with Coach Ian Marquis to all our students! The workshop will take place on Saturday, July 16 from 10am-noon.

It takes time on the mat to master any martial art. Proper training requires you to spend countless hours in positions and situations of discomfort. This can cause our bodies to shift into a survival state and begin utilizing compensation patterns that negatively affect performance and can lead to injury. Compensation patterns are the main cause of non contact injuries in sport as well as every day aches and pains that limit normal activity. At this workshop you will learn all about RPR “Wake Up Drills”.

Wake Up Drills will help you

-Shift your own body out of harmful compensation patterns
-Reduce pain
-Increase flexibility
-Help your body become more resilient to injury

This information will be a huge benefit to all boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ students, from hobbyists to professional athletes! For only $50 this is a great value and investment in your health and training future.

See the front desk to get registered for this event and we look forward to seeing everyone there! For more information on RPR go to https://www.reflexiveperformance.com/.

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