Steeter, Stirewalt Represent at MTF 26

May 1, 2021 – Mountain Force MMA 26 (Twin Falls Fieldhouse, Twin Falls, ID)

Last month, SBG Idaho mixed martial artists Briley Streeter and Stephen Stirewalt stepped into the cage to test their skills at Mountain Force MMA 26. Streeter (5-0 MMA, 2-0) picked up a split decision victory over Alan Rea (4-2 MMA, 2-1 MTF) in the co-main event while in the professional main event Stirewalt (3-2 MMA, 0-1 MTF) dropped a unanimous decision to Carlos Lozoya (5-2 MMA, 1-0 MTF).

Streeter begins the fight staying light on his feet, probing with his jab and using low kicks to keep Rea on the outside. Rea loads up on big punches, but Streeter easily steps out of range each time he advances. About midway through the round Streeter wobbles Rea with a well-timed lead hook. Streeter pursues Rea to the cage and secures a takedown, but Rea manages to catch Streeter’s neck and hunts for a guillotine. Streeter calmly defends and passes to side control. Rea looks for a reverse triangle from this position, and again Streeter calmly defends, managing to free his head as the round ends. Round 2 is more of the same, with Streeter doing well to stay on the outside, avoiding Rea’s initial charges and landing quick counters. Rea is having some success throwing low kicks as Streeter steps away, but Streeter is landing the harder, more frequent strikes. Streeter follows the same script in round 3 and is doing a better job of avoiding Rea’s low kicks from the outside. With roughly one minute remaining, Streeter presses Rea to the fence and secures another takedown. Streeter again passes to side control and begins to set up an armbar, but Rea manages to reverse to top. Streeter secures closed guard as the final round ends. The judges award a curious split decision victory to Streeter, who was in control of the fight throughout, despite fighting up a weight.

In the main event, Stirewalt and Lozoya meet in the middle of the cage. Stirewalt backs Lozoya up to the cage with aggressive punching combinations before Lozoya changes levels to secure a bodylock takedown. Stirewalt gets his guard back and Lozoya postures and passes to side control, then mount., where he lands some strong elbows and punches. Displaying great defensive grappling, Stirewalt escapes and regains his guard. This cycle repeats several times until the two fighters reach the edge of the cage, where Stirewalt manages to stand against the cage as the round ends. The final two rounds followed a similar pattern with Lozoya securing takedowns when Stirewalt pursued standing. Stirewalt showed great defensive grappling all fight, minimizing any major striking damage and escaping all Lozoya’s submission attempts. Ultimately, he was not awarded the decision, but displayed great skill in the cage!

As always, we want to thank the coaches, teammates, and Tribe for all the time and support they give to our fighters! It takes a lot of courage for these athletes to step in the cage and test their skills, and it wouldn’t be possible without a team and support system around them! If you are looking to compete, or maybe you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life with a Tribe that supports you 110%, Click the “Let’s Get Started” link at the top of our website, to set up your gym tour and FREE introductory lesson with one of our world-class coaches! See you soon!

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